Osteria dei Pontefici Restaurant offering Roman and Mediterranean cuisine in Rome


Roman and Mediterranean cuisine

Osteria dei Pontefici maintains its reputation through the selection of high-quality ingredients, attention to detail and excellent value for money.

Our menu, which represents the perfect marriage of tradition and innovation, features classic meat and fish dishes from both the Rome and Abruzzo regional cuisines, which you can enjoy in the family atmosphere of the restaurant, accompanied by a wide selection of quality wines, ideal for any pairing or course, and fresh desserts, including the irresistible Tiramisu and Crème Caramel, freshly prepared every day.

To complete the picture, our friendly waiting staff are always on hand to ensure a level of service that meets expectations, while our chefs make every effort to offer our customers only the very best of the Rome and Abruzzo regional culinary traditions.

Osteria dei Pontefici - Ristorante Pizzeria a Roma

First courses

For your first course you can choose between the classic Roman dishes, such as: bucatini all'amatriciana, tonnarelli with cacio cheese and pepper, homemade gnocchi, carbonara, pasta and beans, pasta and chickpeas, pasta and broccoli.

Osteria dei Pontefici - Ristorante Pizzeria a Roma

Second courses

If you prefer a second course, you can enjoy: lamb chops, beef steaks, tripe, baked cod with potatoes and, excellent fresh fish dishes every day, in perfect Mediterranean style.

Osteria dei Pontefici - Ristorante Pizzeria a Roma

Side Dishes

For lovers of side dishes we offer a wide selection of seasonal vegetables, freshly sliced cooked meats, cheeses, french fries, artichokes prepare din the traditional Roman fashion, and much more for every taste, pairing and palate.

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