Osteria dei Pontefici Restaurant offering Roman and Mediterranean cuisine in Rome

Osteria dei Pontefici

Restaurant offering Roman and Mediterranean cuisine in Rome

dal 1959


History, tradition, innovation

Since 1959 the Maggi family, who originate from the Abruzzo region of Italy, have been delighting visitors to Rome with delicious dishes from the Mediterranean and Roman culinary traditions, prepared with selected ingredients of certified origin.

Leonello and Fabio await you in the heart of Rome, just a short walk from the Vatican, with a menu featuring both fish and meat specialties, as well as a large selection of tasty, crispy pizzas, cooked according to the Roman tradition.

The Osteria dei Pontefici is a landmark for lovers of good Roman cooking; delicious appetizers, pizzas and fresh homemade pasta, all prepared and cooked by the chef with love, soul and passion.

The restaurant is located a stone’s throw from Piazza San Pietro and, thanks to its large and luminous rooms and welcoming, family atmosphere, it is ideal for business lunches, groups and events.


A stone's throw from the Vatican

The Osteria dei Pontefici is located in Rome, a short walk from San Pietro, and is the ideal place for a relaxing meal after a day spent admiring the glories of the Eternal City.

The Osteria dei Pontefici’s approach to catering is based on a selection of hearty, high-quality dishes, wholesome food and genuine, traditional cuisine, and excellent value for money.

The family atmosphere of the restaurant, which offers both fish and meat dishes, is the ideal setting for enjoying the freshly-cooked daily specialities, along with some of the classics of Mediterranean and Roman cuisine.

It is also always possible to order excellent grilled meat and a wide variety of pizzas.


Traditional Roman pizzas

Thanks to the rapid service and spacious dining rooms, the Osteria dei Pontefici, located in the heart of Rome, is the ideal spot for tasty pizza, prepared with top quality ingredients, either for lunch or dinner.

The pizzas are made according to the true Roman tradition; thin and crispy, seasoned with ingredients that enhance both its appearance and its flavour.

Depending on your tastes, you can choose from a wide range of toppings.

Ideal for adults and children, couples or groups of friends, the pizza at the Osteria dei Pontefici offers a genuine taste of the history of Rome.


Ideal for events and groups

With three large, airy rooms, the Osteria dei Pontefici, located in the heart of Rome, can accommodate large groups and parties of tourists, and is also ideal for banquets, events and important ceremonies.

Thanks to the elegant surroundings, professional staff and rapid service, the restaurant is the perfect location for working lunches, meetings and business dinners.


Restaurant and Pizzeria in Rome

Tastefully decorated and furnished rooms render the Osteria dei Pontefici a unique and original place to experience many aspects of Roman culture, religion and history linked to the nearby Piazza San Pietro.


Contacts and Reservations

The Osteria dei Pontefici is located at 53, Via Gregorio VII; a strategic position just a few steps from the Piazza San Pietro and within walking distance the splendid park of the Villa di Doria Pamphili and the historic centre of Rome.

Contact us to book a table or find out more about our offers for events, groups, anniversaries and ceremonies.

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